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Rolex New And Old Gold Steel Blue Disc Submariner Replica Watch 16613LB vs 116613LB

Rolex New And Old Gold Steel Blue Disc Submariner Replica Watch 16613LB vs 116613LB

In 1988, replica Rolex launched the gold steel blue disc Submariner 16613LB. For the next two decades, it was a popular style in many replica Rolex watches. It was not replaced by 116613LB until 2009, and replica 16613LB has also become the most representative of Rolex. These two watches seem to be no longer in the same period, but they are competing with each other. So, which of the 16613LB and replica 116613LB is better?

Case Replica

The rolex Submariner replica watches 16613LB and 116613LB are both 40mm in size, but they look very different on the wrist. There are two main reasons for this visual gap: (1) The 116613LB case uses a "super case" design, which will make replica 116613LB visually larger; (2) Replica 116613LB adopts larger and wider lugs and crown bridges, which will make the watch look bigger.

Replica Dial

The dials of replica Rolex Submariner 16613LB and 116613LB still have some differences. Among them, the most obvious is the color of the dial. The blue of the dial of the 16613LB replica watch is very uniform, while the blue of the dial of the 16613LB watch replica is the texture of the sunburst, and the color is darker. In addition, anti-reflection materials are added to the magnifying glass above the date of replica 16613LB, making the watch more convenient to use.

Bezel Replica

The bezel of replica Rolex Submariner 16613LB is made of aluminum. The bezel of replica 116613LB is a new blue ceramic bezel. Its scratch resistance and corrosion resistance are far better than aluminum.

The Glow Of night Replica Watches

The luminous material added by replica Rolex Submariner 16613LB will make the watch emit green light at night, while replica 116613LB uses the fluorescent material of replica Rolex's exclusive formula, which will emit blue light at night. The overall blue light and the color of the watch case are relatively matched. .

Lug Crown Replica

Replica Rolex Submariner 116613LB increased the width of the crown guard and lugs.

Everyone likes something different, so if you must let me choose the best watch from replica Rolex Submariners 16613LB and 116613LB, I can only say that this is just my personal feelings and opinions. I personally prefer the new replica Rolex Submariner 116613LB watch. It looks like an upgraded version of 16613LB replica, with the best upgrades for every component, so if you ask me which one I recommend, there is no doubt that my answer will be replica Rolex Submariner 116613LB. For more information, please visit replica-magic.to.

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